Even though blogging and collecting a serious amount of random garments may be, within certain limitations, considered activities worth investing time in, I also find myself in the least uncommon situation of having to make a living, besides all that. And it just happens that there is a certain type of causality between what I’m doing here and elsewhere, during my self-manageable daily 8 hours.

What I’m increasingly better at can be plainly summed up by various types of writing & online marketing. Since 2012, I’ve been working & discovering how the magic behind successful brands happens, while half-excitedly, half-reluctantly following through the challenge of being in a position where what I do actually gets me, my employer (not the case anymore – I’ve gone freelance, wo-hoo!) and my client to a better place, out there, in the wild market-place.

So, here’s the deal. If you’re having trouble making your brand reach out its target customers in the wonderfully rich & limitless World Wide Web, count on me to help you step out of the mud (where Google can’t find you) and stand proud in a place where everybody is prepared to knock you down, the minute you’ve doubted the obvious truth – that right now, 80% of a brand’s image is built in the online.


Basically, I can cover anything that has to do with writing for marketing & advertising purposes, and I’m also trying out my abilities for creative writing, occasionally.

    • Copywriting for websites, online & print ads / campaigns, etc.
    • Article writing for blog sections, magazines, advertorials
    • Content editing
    • Proofreading


Sure, I’m starting a bit fresh with this one, but I’ve got my back secured by a hell lot of reading & getting a grasp of current trends in this field, via current and prospective projects.

    • Social media management – anything and everything, from Facebook & Twitter, to LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, whatevr
    • Email marketing
    • SEA (search engine ads)
    • Online ad campaigns


Having a modern site with a clever, user-friendly interface is a great start, but don’t expect it to get you the leads & buys you want – you can’t forget it is JUST a start. A site without SEO fails to deliver the results you would want, simply because your site is not among the first ones that search engines show when a potential customer searches for the product or service you sell. Google Ads are only effective in 20 to 30% of cases (these numbers showing the sensitive difference between sponsored and organic results, the latter being a lot more trustworthy), and much more costly, on the long run.

Luckily, I can get you through with this the right way. A good SEO implementation is a one-timer that makes your site take off within one to three months, while a basic monthly maintenance assures you that the flight remains steady and smooth, and your site performs the way you expect it to. You don’t need no fingers-crossed on this one – SEO is a guarantee that more clients will find you, and that is conspicuously a lot cheaper and more productive than you trying to find them (even though the latter is a desirable & possible thing, too).

So, what do you want to do next?