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What to do if you’re tired, uninspired, lazy (and, most importantly, freezing your ass off after venturing out  in the silent icy woods, uhm, excuse me, streets), BUT still want a bright and inspiring ending to a consuming, endless day? Put your fluffy socks on, grab a hot cup of tea and indulge in some street style fashion pics! An instant mood lift for all of us, fashion enthusiasts and consumers. So, let’s start questioning: who what (why) wears’, ‘does that actually work?!’, ‘no, not for me’, ‘ yes, pleaseee’, or ‘drop dead cool! why didn’t I think of that?’. First of all, we must say, lookbook is a great place to go in search of style inspiration! Among my favorites is Cosette Munch, aka Crack Cosette, a Swedish beauty with a quirky and personal sense of style. Here she delivered yet another casual goth schoolgirl outfit, accessorized with her trademark accessory – the hat, and although counting body parts as accessories might sound a bit shallow… her red locks and endless slim legs are also huge trademarks of hers! Gorgeous, isn’t she? That fantasy of a dress in that perfect shade of green needs no words for description! It instantly jumped to the top 3 from my personal ‘best dresses seen in fall ’11’ list. And the gal has a seriously sharp choice of accessories: the Louboutins and the Chanel bag are more than perfect for this look (although, truth be told, one could probably go bare foot with this dress and no one would notice)! Find more of her very inspirational outfits and personal creations on her site: ninistyle. I had a weird love & hate reaction when I saw this one. Love, because of how great the pleated sheer dress looks with those slightly over the knee socks, and hate, because I recognized the Zara booties which I also bought last year, and had to sell them because they were a number bigger than my size! You can find her blog here. This is the perfect epitome of effortless fall chic! The orange oversized sweater is a tucked in just the right bit in that amazing leather skirt, and boyfriend coat seems like the natural add to this look! Also, this is a reminder that small details always count: look at how ravishing her hair looks, tucked in the turtleneck! The Sam Edelman Zoe boot has already made its way into fashion history, and here we have it at its full biker/rocker chic potential, beautifully contrasting to those white, Victorian-like ruffles! Her blog: madamerosa. A perfect geeky- romantic look that involves one of may favorite pieces for fall: the sweater dress (or the oversized sweater worn as a dress). And finally, this gorgeous whimsical dress! Worn with biker boots and jacket, it shouts out ‘model off duty’ style, with a personal touch. Photos via and alltheprettybirds.

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    1. Cristina Post author

      Probably what they have in common is that je-ne-sais-quoi that I can relate to, when I’ m just admiring other styles & looks. :)

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