It’s all over the place…


It’s in the light of a sunny morning, and also in the sun’s resigned letter of goodbye, before the fall of the night; it’s in countless glasses of bloody marys, mojitos and pink martinis, on a decadent social masquerade that they like to call ‘night out with friends ‘; it’s in lipstick, eye shadow and nail varnish; it’s in apples, bananas, cherries, plums or mangoes, and in pretty much every other fruit (or veggetable, for that matter) there is; it’s on platform heels and summer wedges, but also on pointed courts and diligent mary janes; it’s in Charlotte Free’s hair; it’s on shiny present boxes and toys; it’s in spring, summer and autumn; it’s in my little girl’s eyes, cheeks and otherworldly smile; it’s all over my clothes, in abundance; it’s also quite a lot of it in flowers and impressionist paintings; it’s in happiness and wide-eyed dreams; it’s in cheesy big-hearted tees; it’s in generosity and gratuitous kindness; it’s all over the goddamn place, and still it truly goes unnoticed by those with sorrow eyes and opaque hearts; it’s simple and easy going, but never the same; it makes beauty possible.

It is called ‘color’, and goes far beyond the rainbow.

It isn’t in the ghosts and nightmares of fucked up nights spent with nothing else but your bleeding consciousness and invalid heart, trying to spit out a fainted feeling to pass as good enough a proof of your so called ’emotional’ state of being, while devils glance gleefully at your window, clapping hands and congratulating you on having managed to spit no more than yellow juices of your numb and dried up stomach;  it isn’t in rage, hatred and pain; it isn’t in winter days, stuck up in the same blank scenery of  cold, darkness and sad remains of nature; it isn’t in the rough and lousy clothes of the living dead people, with their eyes bare of the slightest gleam of life or self-awareness; it isn’t in screaming ruins and silent graveyards;  it isn’t on the face and skin of a hardly living body with a missing piece of soul;

Its overwhelming lack makes beauty… certain.

* T-shirt – courtesy of  Tina R, United Colors of Benetton cardigan, Zara shirt, vintage skirt, Topshop wedges

* Do check out this promising Romanian brand – Tina R, they offer a collection of very desirable pieces and… a great lot of COLOR!  Also, there’s this fun contest aimed at all of you out there with stylish moms, find out more about it HERE.

9 thoughts on “It’s all over the place…

  1. Suzanne

    I love you combination! But, in every day life, I’ve found myself not as bold as I used to be. I would like your assistance with a matter. I just bought the same top from TinaR, but I found my size in green. Here it is :
    Also, this skirt really makes me look thinner, so I couldn’t resist :
    My question is what colours should I choose for the tights, accessories and boots. I personally love orange (my every day glasses are orange) ! Thank you for your help and keep up the good work, your blog is a real delight!

    1. Cristina Post author

      Hey! Thanks for the wonderful feedback, and also for taking the time to ask me, I am more than excited to help a girl out when it comes to styling! :)
      It’s usually quite risky when you get to mix a lot of color in one outfit, so I suggest you either add pop-up tights (I’d go for a dark blue or intense orange – those would look really amazing) and tone it down with neutral accessories (a darker tone of brown for the shoes and maybe a beige or camel for the bag, or the other way around), or choose a pair of black or dark brown opaque tights and play with color in the accessory area – I’m thinking a pair of yellow heels would do wonders, in this case! Either way, I would try to stay within the range of colors on the T-shirt and add just a bit of neutrals, if necessary.
      Going bolder is always harder, but also much more fun, so I’d say you should play with the items in your wardrobe which you feel resonate with the ensemble! This is what I normally do: I put together seemingly different things and colors, and in the end, my instinct is the only one that draws the line between right and wrong! My idea of perfection as concerns this particular choice of items involves the dark blue tights and bright yellow (or orange) shoes, a bag with a clever mix of green, orange, brown and beige, and a dark green blazer or trench, to tone down a bit of the girlishness:)

      I do hope my advice has been any bit useful to you, and I’d be also glad to see the final result, if you’d like to send me a pic or something!


  2. Suzanne

    Splendid! You are amazing and you truly have a special gift. Thank you for sharing it with us. Your suggestions are great, I’m going to ask my friends for the items I need to minimize “the investment”. Also, I’ll definitely go hunting for some intense orange tights – just for fun, they should have been a must in my wardrobe :)). And I’ll try them during spring. Thank you for the great moments I’ll have wearing your ideas!

    1. Cristina Post author

      Thank you! the tee is amazing, I must say, and those shoes will always have their special place in my heart:) & wardrobe: my very first pair of 5 inch heels:) (I know it sounds cheesy, but still..true!)

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