And the shoes have a say on it, too.


After these past few weeks I think I’ll be giving away all my winter clothes (when temperature rises over 5 degrees C aka my comfort zone – it WILL rise, won’t it?). Even though I managed to build myself some esthetically valid ultra-layered cocoons (underneath which some light, summer-y chiffon or lace dresses were timidly peeking)  to prevent me from getting one of those epic flues of mine (I’ve got a child now – hah, more responsibilities, one would say, but that’s hardly my case, as I still find it difficult to take care of myself in any possible way- , otherwise I wouldn’t care less about having a flu or not- which is the main reasons why they just won’t go away!), I want the sun back! And a damn clean & dry sidewalk, thus theoretically ‘harmless’ – it still has holes and the nights are dark and the street lighting is poor and the heels are hiiigh, hence.. my knees are bruised like those of a 5 year old. I know, pathetic enough. And what seems potentially even more disturbing is my inability to avoid this tiring, idiotic subject – the weather! Ok, it does prove that I’m just as unimaginative and routine-driven as everyone else, but it also makes me a hypocrite – I’ve been stating out loud my intolerance and moderate disgust towards that stupid gibberish on how cold it’s gotten, how much colder it’s gonna get or how many cm/ inches of snow are going to glue over the existing stubborn sheet of that otherwise quite charming looking snow (and all the incidents that these special weather conditions bring about). Sure, the snow does look quite charming – on postcards and Christmas cards, in photos posted by others on Facebook, or even on the other side of the icy window, when you’re in a decently heated room that allows you to parade around in a tee and dance bare-feet on the friendly floor – in all the above mentioned cases, admittedly, the snow might present itself as a magical, almost mystical thing. Now would probably be the time to admit that I’m just trying to play the ‘cool’ card right now, actually the first two or three snow falls every year nearly make me cry with emotion and childish delight. But even I have lost my enthusiasm and patience and started to wait for spring and for all good things to come with it. QED.

And no, I haven’t forgot about the second part of the story, namely the other few tips that might be useful to you – next winter, hopefully :)


Layer, layer, layer. I know, this was sooo predictable, but still. Layering is not the easiest thing at all. It requires quite some lucidity – I don’t recommend trying to do much layering before coffee, the result might not be so fortunate – , a satisfactory range of clothes in a variety of shapes and an increased attention to details and texture. There’s a whole story with a hell of a lot of points to be made here – which shapes, prints, textures and materials usually go well with each other and which don’t -, some more inventive tricks to be shared here ( the one that I wanted to highlight anyway, because you’ve seen it in the previous post, is wearing an underskirt – priceless when it comes to adapting some of your favorite dresses or skirts from your spring/summer wardrobe- ; you can find find some in vintage stores or even have one custom-made – they are easy to make and not costly at all, and for a super stylish effect you can decorate them with whatever material you might like – fake fur looks fantastic, but wool or tartan would look even quirkier and less obvious ). The rule that stands out as the most important (not only when it comes to layering, but also to the subject of styling, in general): improvise, experiment, play. Have the patience to try out even the combinations that might look ridiculous and incompatible in your mind. Of course, all these should be practiced within the limits of your personal style coordinates.

Over-size everything.  Well, not exactly everything. Style-advisers generally agree upon the necessity of maintaining a clean balance between volumes in any outfit. This means that, if you want to go for an oversized sweater, you should counteract the bulk of it by means of a body-conscious lower part – that is, you might want to stick to skinny jeans/ leggings, or a tight skirt, or if you go for a maxi skirt, you should wear something more structural, closer to the body, in the upper part. My advice is to forget about rules, if you want to have more fun. Over-size as much as you can, as long as it looks good and makes you feel outstandingly well. One more thing, I might add – especially if you’re a minion, like myself, be careful with the shoes. Too much bulk needs extra heel inches. Just the right thing to know:)


* Wearing Vero Moda coat, vintage United Colors of Benetton sweater, Zara jeans, Zara scarf, vintage earrings, UGG boots (like it wasn’t that obvious..)




8 thoughts on “And the shoes have a say on it, too.

  1. daria

    I find myself talking about the weather a lot this time of the year… when spring is close, but not quite, and awfully short winter days seem never-ending. And I love layering, but I’d rather have it with thin thin fabrics…

    1. Cristina Post author

      I know, that happens to me as well. And the layering situation…let’s just say that winter usually asks for the thicker solutions, doesn’t it?;)

    1. Cristina Post author

      Stiu, am promis ca o sa-ti scriu despre asta, dar inca n-am reusit sa ma adun suficient incat sa pot face o sinteza cat se poate de impersonala a ceea ce se intampla la faculta (mi se pare aproape imposibil sa vorbesc despre faculta fara sa scap cate o injuratura la fiecare 2 propozitii, cel putin:)). Acestea fiind spuse, o sa primesti un mail saptamana asta. Nu mai spun ‘promit’, ca vad ca nu ma tin de promisiuni, cum nu ma pot tine nici de obligatii. Pot sa-ti spun doar ca e nevoie de o sinteza oricum, ca sa-mi fac si eu ordine in cap si proiecte/prioritati. :)

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